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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gray Is A Color Too!!!

This morning I woke up in the darkness of early morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I snuggled into my fuzzy robe, fixed myself a cup of coffee and settled into my favorite spot in the house - the sofa in front of large windows that provide a view of the waking world.

There I waited for the first sign of light...there I wondered, what color is God choosing to put on today? Will it be gold? red? pink? purple? blue? I think of my youngest daughter who carefully goes through multiple outfits every morning trying to find the one that best fits her mood for the day. I think of my oldest daughter who has this adorable habit of putting on her clothes the night before and wearing them for an hour to two to test their comfort level and wearability. She goes to bed assured that when she wakes her day is prepared.

I wonder - how does God chose? It is a silly question of course, so all you science geeks can refrain from the comments of how pollution, ozone, weather patterns, etc. determine the color - I know these things - but a girl can have fun with her imagination right? God as a teenage girl pillaging the closet to determine what best will suit the mood or the comfort zone...wondering what I would pick if I were given the power to chose the sunrise color...

I was hoping for soft, subtle shades of pink and purple today - gentle puffs surrounded by blue - something that spoke to the peace and serenity I was feeling this morning while snuggled in my fuzzy robe with my warm coffee on my favorite sofa. I waited...I waited...I waited

By 7:30 am I realized there would be no pink and purple gold, red, or even blue. The color of the day is first I thought how disappointing...but then I went in search of some good news about the color gray.

Wikipedia helped with a small section about color T.V. of all things..."Red, green, and blue light combined together at full intensity produces white. The three colors combined at equal but less than full intensity produce all the different shades of grey. To make a cool grey, the intensity of the blue is increased slightly. To produce a warm grey, the red intensity is increased."

That gray sky now looks different - not dreary at all - God simply liked all the colors today!

Yeah God!