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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Strength For Service

Since moving into our new home I have been waiting on one thing...a cool morning so that I might have coffee and morning devotions on the magnificent front porch. Finally, that day has arrived. Although I might be stretching it to use the word "cool" as it is 74 degrees and 84% humidity - but for the south in July, I will call that cool.

My morning devotion took me to Romans 15 and the call to contemplate what it means to serve others. We all know it is part of the Christian way to serve but isn't there something that often holds us back from doing so with complete abandon? After all, we wonder, do we really have the strength to step into the "mess" of another person's troubles when we have troubles of our own?

Thank God, Jesus had the strength to do that - but I'm not Jesus - so how do I find the strength to do so? How do any of us? As I contemplate this question I find myself staring out at the landscaped beds in front of the porch - Hostas and Ferns adorn the front of my porch and I notice then how they grow. They are tucked away in the shade of the large trees, sheltered by the beautiful house - yet they yearn for something more. I notice they are all growing toward the left - which so happens to be the direction of the sunrise. These simple little plants know something we all need to be reminded of - and that is to seek the Son.

The plants know they need the sun to not only survive but to thrive fully as a well nourished and productive being. To fulfill their purpose as a plant they need sun and so they grow in such a way to get all of it they can get. What a great lesson for us who are called to serve and who worry that it might be a drain on us, or too difficult for us. For strength to live into our purpose to serve one another we simply need to grow in such a way that we get all of the Son we need. We must remember to keep our face and eyes on Him always and then we will have the strength for service for which we are called.

With eyes toward the Son,